Luckey Farmers Partners with Haar Family Tradition

Farming is a family tradition for Scot Haar. The Haar farm, located in Elmore, Ohio, is a family-run operation and has been for nearly four generations, from Scot’s grandfather Otto, to his father Jon, to Scot himself, and his son Trevin, who is becoming more involved with the family farm. Farming 1,800 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat across Ottawa County, Scot also custom plants 500-600 acres and custom harvests 1,000-1,200 acres in the area each year.

The Haar family has always partnered with Luckey Farmers Cooperative to assist with their farm and business needs. “We buy 100 percent of our seed and chemicals from Luckey Farmers,” said Scot. He mentioned his appreciation for the Luckey Farmers’ agronomy staff and how he values the Luckey Farmers’ seed-line, Gro-Mor, with 36R12 being his go-to soybean of choice. Bill Kuhlman of Luckey Farmers, based out of the Lindsey branch, works as the Haar’s agronomist. Scot said, “Bill treats our farm like his own and is a fantastic guy. He truly knows our fields and how to help us make the best choices for the farm.”

The Haar family also utilizes Luckey Farmers’ grain marketing and application services. “Applicators from the Lindsey branch help us in our fields and know the area better than anybody,” Scot said. The Haar family enjoys working with Luckey Farmers’ staff and finds great results from our services. In addition to farming full-time, Scot also operates a small trucking business in which he hauls grain and vegetables. Luckey Farmers is one of Scot’s hauling clients, truly bringing the partnership between farmer and cooperative full circle.

Looking to the future, Scot’s hopes are simply to be able to continue to grow with the farm and his family. “We have always worked with Luckey Farmers and enjoy the tight-knit feeling that the cooperative offers,” Scot said. “The people at Luckey Farmers treat my family and our farm with such great respect.”