Our Specialists

Luckey Farmers’ knowledgeable and attentive agronomy staff is here to help you with all of your farming needs. We specialize in areas including but not limited to:

  • Farm Planning and Crop Scouting
  • Soil Testing and Recommendation
  • Seed and Plant Food Recommendations
  • Crop Protection Product Selection

Contact one of our skilled agronomists today!

Ed Thurn

Seed Production Manager Woodville 419-849-2711 ext. 1121 ethurn@luckeyfarmers.com  

Doug Uher

Seed Sales Specialist Woodville 419-849-2711 ext. 1117 gromor@luckeyfarmers.com  

Chuck Ruetz

Berkey 419-351-1256 cruetz@luckeyfarmers.com

Jim Walter

Bradner/Luckey/Lemoyne 419-287-3275 jwalter@luckeyfarmers.com  

Cameron Shirer

Bradner 419-341-8510 cshirer@luckeyfarmers.com

Brice Gahler

Curtice/Graytown/Woodville 419-836-6262 bgahler@luckeyfarmers.com  

Dan ‘Barney’ Reif

Lindsey 419-665-2322 reifdan@yahoo.com  

Dan Bach

Oak Harbor 419-898-4441 dbach@luckeyfarmers.com  

Josh Kieffer

Sugar Ridge/Perrysburg 419-353-4364 jkieffer@luckeyfarmers.com