U.S. Drought Monitor – Update

One major factor that is driving our grain markets is weather conditions. Too much rain, like the 2019 growing season can hamper plant growth. Conversely, drought conditions can be just as catastrophic.
Weather is one of the main drivers in our grain market. For many parts of Ohio 2020 was a significantly better year compared to 2019. Our growing conditions were good for our state, but much of the corn belt and western part of the country saw drought conditions.

The northwest corner of Ohio and the extreme northeast corner still are experiencing moderate drought conditions, while the rest of the state is either seeing abnormally dry or no drought conditions. Hopefully this week's rain will help to improve conditions across the state.

The majority of the midwest saw little to no change this week. Any changes that were made were minor improvements across the region. Portions of Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin saw isolated areas that received 2 to 3 inches of rain. Little rainfall in the past 60 days have expanded D1 (tan) conditions in northern Illinois and abnormally dry conditions expanded in southern Iowa and northwestern Missouri.
This week some states in the High Plains saw improvements including Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. Northwestern Colorado saw 2 to 4+ inches of precipitation. Other areas of the High Plains continue to see Extreme Drought conditions expanding.

In the south Texas saw improvements across the state along with southern and eastern Oklahoma. This week's rainfall brought hail, tornadoes and lightning to the area, but also brought improvements in soil moisture. Negative soil moisture anomalies remained across the Trans-Pecos and the Texas Panhandle regions according to the NASA Crop-CASMA.

The west had a very dry April and D3 (red) extreme drought conditions continued to expand. Parts of California are experiencing near-record dryness. California’s two largest reservoirs, Lake Shasta and Lake Oroville, were at 50% and 42% of normal. The majority of the west is experiencing extreme to exceptional drought conditions.

The weather still plays an important role in getting us ready for next growing season. Having moisture in the ground now will help crops emerge in the spring.

To view the full report visit: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?Midwest
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