U.S. Drought Monitor – Update

Weather is one of the main drivers in our grain market. For many parts of Ohio 2021 was a fairly good growing season. However, above normal rains in the fall have slowed down harvest in many areas across the country.
Little changed on the drought monitor in Ohio this week. There are still a few counties in eastern Ohio that are abnormally dry (yellow). The rest of the state is none (white). Our local footprint has been experiencing a wet fall which is delaying harvest.

Rainfall throughout the Midwest Region has made for 1 category improvements in parts of western Minnesota. However, insufficient rainfall in the southern part of Minnesota has resulted in an expansion of abnormally dry (yellow) conditions. Rainfall has also helped to make one category improvements in northern Illinois. The Corn Belt and the Ohio Valley are witnessing above average rainfall and soil moisture is above normal.

Much of the northern High Plains received widespread heavy rainfall resulting in 1-3 inches. This prompted one category improvements across the Dakotas. Weekly precipitation has also made improvements in Nebraska and Kansas. The Northeast corner of North Dakota remains

Arkansas and Oklahoma received above average rainfall for the first half of October causing a decrease in abnormally dry conditions. Southern Texas also received heavy rainfall making for one category improvements. However, southwest Arkansas, West Texas, and Louisiana missed out on the rainfall and drought expansions occurred in the area.
Long term drought continues to impact the West. Nearly the entire region is witnessing severe drought (orange) to extreme drought (maroon). There are few areas that are witnessing none (white) to moderate drought (tan).

The weather plays an important role throughout the growing season.

Source: US Drought Monitor To view the full report visit: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?Midwest
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