U.S. Drought Monitor – Update

Weather is one of the main drivers in our grain market. The majority of Ohio has received above average rainfall for this time of the year giving planting season a slow start.
After this past week all Ohio counties are still not experiencing any drought conditions. The area remained wet and saw cooler temperatures. Conditions are expected to dry up in the following week.

The Midwest as a whole last week received 1-4 inches of rain and was 1-6 degrees cooler than average. There were some drought reductions made in Minnesota and Kentucky where some areas went from abnormally dry (yellow) to none (white).

The Midwest, Northeast and Southeast regions are experiencing none (white) to severe drought (orange) conditions. Wet and cool conditions have slowed spring planting in many areas across these regions.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the High Plains, South and West regions range from none (white) to excessive drought (maroon). The High Plains received much needed rainfall this past week and planting is on a normal schedule with soil temperatures allowing for germination.

Conditions across the country continue to vary and weekly weather conditions will play a major role as to when growers will be able to get their crops in the ground, and in the growing conditions throughout the growing season.

Source: US Drought Monitor To view the full report visit: https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?Midwest