From grain storage, to managing the markets, you can trust Luckey Farmers when it comes to handling your grain. Our talented grain team and branch elevators are attentive and responsive to the ever-changing world of the grain markets and are here to serve northwest Ohio farmers.

Contact a Luckey Farmers representative today to learn more about our grain program.

Luckey Farmers Offers Crop Insurance

We now have crop insurance specialist who can help you on behalf of Luckey Farmers, Inc.

Grain Marketing Team

Luckey Farmers knowledgeable and trusted grain marketing staff are here to help you with all of your grain marketing needs.

Grain Bids and Market Orders

Easily track the grain markets and stay current on the latest information with Luckey Farmers. We are committed to keeping our customers in-the-know at all hours of the day.


Crop Budgeting and Report Dates

View our projected crop budgeting sheets that have been prepared by our trusted grain marketing staff. Please feel free to contact one of our grain merchandisers today.

Luckey Farmers Delayed Pricing

Delayed Price
Effective September 21, 2018 the following is in effect:

Delayed Price for Corn and Soybeans*
Delayed Price for 2018 Corn and Soybeans is:

.05 Flat and .08/ BU/MO (calculated on a daily basis).  Charges will be waived if priced in five calendar days.

Storage for Corn and Soybeans*
Storage for 2018 Corn and Soybeans is:

.15 Flat and .10/BU/MO (calculated on a daily basis)

Rates are in effect through September 15, 2019, Then new rates will apply.

*All Rates are subject to change without notice.



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