Luckey Farmers uses new and innovative products and technology to bring you the best possible tools for data management accompanied by knowledgeable support.

We have teamed up with multiple precision partners including Agworld, Farmobile, and Adapt-N. These precision partners have allowed us to offer premier precision services to our customers.

Each of our precision partners offers unique features to benefit your farm.


Agworld offers an extensive range of services to our growers. Agworld users can collect farm data in a standardized form and at many different levels; these users are then able to share this data with each other seamlessly. Agworld also visualizes data for users in a way that helps them improve their decision making processes for their farm. Producers are able to communicate with their advisors via Agworld, create production plans, track their cropping inputs throughout the season and perform postseason financial analysis.

Luckey Farmers’ agronomists use Agworld to create cropping plans for their growers before the season starts. During the growing season, agronomists create recommendations and work orders for their growers and send it to their clients via Agworld. At the end of the season, Luckey Farmers’ agronomists utilize Agworld to create postseason analysis reports for their customers. We also use the data and workflow tools in Agworld to schedule custom applications, manage soil sampling needs and utilize that information to help generate variable rate recommendations. Luckey Farmers runs reports in Agworld to satisfy 4R requirements, because of Agworld’s structured data approach, reports are accurate and easy to compile.


Farmobile benefits our customers by offering a PUC that has the ability to give growers real-time information in their fields. ‘The grower can see key metrics like population and singulation when planting, application rates when spraying, and yield and crop moisture levels when harvesting. Many growers consider the PUC to be “data insurance for their farm. That data is already standardized providing a data source that is usable across many platforms for decision making.

Luckey Farmers utilizes Farmobile by receiving real-time data for chemical spraying and fertilizer spreading data, to seamlessly integrate into AgWorld software. We also have the ability to wirelessly transfer prescription files from an office desktop to machines in the field, again reducing the hassle of carrying flash drives out to the machines.


Adapt-N is a Nitrogen is a crop modeling tool used mainly for nitrogen recommendations. Our growers have the ability to utilize this tool for its powerful agronomics. Growers have demonstrated a $30 per acre profit increase with reduced nitrogen loss. The reduction in nitrogen loss also plays a role in 4-R efforts to reduce run-off.

Luckey Farmers Agronomists can use this system to run point-based, zone-based, or grid-based recommendations. These recommendations allow growers to apply the appropriate amount of nitrogen to their fields while being more cost-effective.