W&A Crop Solutions is an agronomy and crop consulting services company located in Gibsonburg, Ohio. We serve the needs of farmers throughout Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan in crop consulting, plant nutrition, soil testing, record keeping and complete farm data management.

Farm Data Management

The collection and interpretation of reliable farm data is paramount to decision making in today’s agriculture. The best utilization of the available software and hardware technology help to make this process more efficient and is a key with the time constraints most producers operate within. At W&A Crop Solutions, we understand the value of this data, and the challenges that farmers face in collecting and interpreting it. Our team of experienced agronomists can work with you one-on-one to select and implement the right tools to aid in this process, and then be there to follow-up and help input and interpret the data for each farm and field.

Software programs we use include: SMS Basic and SMS Advanced, Farmworks, and Ag. Connections Land DB

SMS Basic and Advanced Software is designed to help make bottom line improvements to any operation. Step-by-step software wizards and a common-sense interface make setup and using the software easy. SMS works seamlessly with Ag Leader’s precision farming hardware and has compatibility with other hardware solutions.

Farm Works Software® was founded in 1980 as a software development company to serve the needs of farmers and agribusinesses. Innovative office solutions for field records, accounting, livestock, and mapping became the cornerstone of the company in the early 90’s. Additional software solutions for the field soon followed, providing more software options in precision agriculture. Integrating the software solutions together remains the main focal point of the company.

Ag. Connections Land DB Software gives you the tools you need to easily manage your crop production records across a range of areas from crop plan development to FSA and processor reporting. Land.db is innovative computer software that helps manage crop production records to meet the business needs of modern farming operations. This easy-to-use system provides production cost as well as production traceability.