Crop & Soil Testing

W&A utilizes a variety of tests to better understand farming environments. W&A offers various testing including, but not limited to:

  • Soil sampling
  • Tissue sampling
  • Soil health testing
  • Manure testing
  • Water quality testing

Test results are reviewed by an agronomist and are shared with the farmer. These tests can be used to make recommendations, address challenges, and develop solutions.

A majority of W&A’s testing is done at A&L Great Lakes Laboratory, Inc.. A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc. is an independently owned and operated agricultural testing laboratory located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A&L Great Lakes has been providing agricultural testing services for over 40 years. A&L continually expand testing and analytical capabilities to include all the latest technologies. The wide variety of analysis options include soil, plant, feed, fertilizer & lime, manure, compost, water, lawn & garden, and greenhouse. The agronomists at W&A Crop Solutions use these analyses to make accurate recommendations. 

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