Custom-Application-hagie2Are you ready to jump start your field for 2016? With the 2015 Harvest currently underway, it’s hard to believe that it’s already time to think about 2016 spring crops. Once you’re done harvesting, take some time to think about your goals for 2016. Adding a Fall Herbicide Program to your operation can:

  • Prevent winter annuals from going to seed in the spring.
  • Provide a weed free seed bed at planting time. Fields free of weeds warm up and dry out faster than fields that contain weeds.
  • Reduce selection pressure on herbicide tolerant or resistant weeds.
  • Provide a seed bed less attractive to insect pests.
  • Eliminate alternate hosts of soybean cyst nematode
  • Spread workload and help hedge against poor weather in the spring.

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