The results are in! The Luckey Farmers proprietary seed brand, Gro-Mor has outranked much of the competition and came in at #2 in the state ranked seed trials for the Northwest Ohio Region.

The seed trials are an open invitation testing of seed performance and are sponsored by The Ohio State University.  Gro-Mor’s corn variety 58V76 came a strong second, yielding 229 bu/acre at the test plot in Van Wert, Ohio and 186.6 at the Hoytville, Ohio test plot with an overall average coming in at .6 less than #1.  The Gro-Mor corn variety 58V76 is new for the 2016 growing season and has met and exceeded expectations for growers who planted the variety.

“58V76 has come out of the gate a winner, said Ed Thurn, Seed Sales Manager. We aren’t looking for seeds that can be planted anywhere that produce an average yield. We are looking for strong seed parents that are compatible with our local soils and disease pressures that affect our footprint. We are experts in the growing conditions for our area and these seed tests results confirm our passion in getting it ‘right’ for our local farmers, “he continued.

For a detailed, side-by side comparison on the trial results click here.

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