W&A Crop Solutions carries a wide variety of fertilizer products, plant health products, spray surfactants, micronutrients and natural plant hormones.  Our products can be custom blended to fit the needs of producers and can be used as seed treatments, pop up starters, row starters as well as side-dress and foliar applications.  We carry every major or minor nutrient used in crop production today and have the knowledge to put these products together to fit any type of application.  We are known for our success in combining these high-quality products in a cost-effective way to give the producer a positive return on their investment.

W&A Proprietary & Private Label Products

K-Man:  W&A’s K-MAN is a complete nutrient feed for Roundup ready grain crops and was developed specifically to help balance the nutrient levels in plants, especially manganese and boron.  The use of K-Man over the past 8 years has shown a very consistent crop health and yield response in varying crop and weather conditions

Photo Boost:  A foliar combination of all of the most important nutrients used in the process of photosynthesis.  It contains key hormones that in combination, will increase the photosynthetic capability of a plant and move that additional energy faster to the seed/fruits.

Adhere 2 in 1:  W&A’s private label spreader, sticker, anti-drift product that improves the adhesion, dispersal and effectiveness of all foliar applied products.