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Les Widmer, company founder, along with several key employees have been serving agriculture since the 1970’s via Crop and Soil Services, and The Anderson’s Agronomy. In 2018, we became W&A Crop Solutions and became an affiliate with Luckey Farmers, Inc.

Field Plots

A group of elite farmers partner with the W&A agronomy team to research new and innovative practices to increase yields and profitability in spite of the constantly changing environment.

W&A Crop Solutions Service Guide

W&A Crop Solutions is an agronomy and crop consulting services company located in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

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Featured Products

W&A Products

W&A Crop Solutions carries a wide variety of fertilizer products, plant health products, spray surfactants, micronutrients and natural plant hormones.


To continue to increase our crop yields profitably in most of our Ohio soils to the level of 300 bushel corn and 100 bushel soybeans, we need to improve our soils biological health and soil tilth.


Gro-Maxx foliar Grain Maker™ protects against wind, heat and dry conditions.

Stoller USA

W&A has been a dealer for Stoller products for the last 30 years. The Stoller company started out as a micronutrient and fertilizer manufacturer.


W&A began using DeltAg products about 12 years ago. Right from the beginning, we recognized that their micronutrient products were unique, very active at smaller quantities and seemed to have a different profound effect on plant growth.

Premier Services

Crop Consulting / Services

W&A Crop Solutions offers various levels of agronomic consulting services, tailored to meet your unique farming operation.

Farm Data Management

The collection and interpretation of reliable farm data is paramount to decision making in today’s agriculture.

A&L Great Lakes Laboratory

A&L Great Lakes Laboratories, Inc. is an independently owned and operated agricultural testing laboratory located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A&L Great Lakes has been providing agricultural testing services for over 40 years.


Strip-Till with Cover Crops

Mike Miller from Hancock County applied a cover crop mixture including tillage radish, clover and cereal rye with second a second on a strip-tiller.

Nutrient Management

At W&A Crop Solutions, we take a systems approach to meeting your agronomic needs. 

Early Burndown

A local farmer used their ATV to apply an early burndown.

Plant and Soil Health

At W&A Crop Solutions, we take a systems approach to meeting your agronomic needs.

Researching Cover Crops

W&A Crop Solutions’ agronomist Keeley Overmyer was interviewed by Dusty Sonnenberg, Field Leader for the Ohio Ag Net and Ohio’s Country Journal.