Weather is one of the main drivers in our grain market. For many parts of Ohio 2020 was a significantly better year compared to 2019. Our growing conditions were good for our state, but much of the corn belt and western part of the country saw drought conditions. 

In the past month, Ohio has seen little change. The abnormally dry conditions have grown in the northwest corner. However, the rest of the state is not witnessing any dry conditions. 

The corn belt has not witnessed much change in the past month. The northern parts of Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri are all witnessing Abnormally dry (yellow) to severe drought conditions (orange). The northern and western parts of Iowa are experiencing abnormally dry to extreme drought conditions(red). 

The western part of the country is still becoming even drier and exceptional drought (deep red) conditions are growing in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. Other parts of the West are still seeing anywhere from abnormally dry (yellow) to extreme drought (red). 

The high plains are also experiencing anywhere from abnormally dry (yellow) to exceptional drought (deep red). 

While the west is still experiencing a drought a majority of the south and southeast is not being affected by drought conditions. 

The weather still plays an important role in getting us ready for the next growing season. Having moisture in the ground now will help crops emerge in the fall. 

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