It is the time of year when families and friends gather together to celebrate the holidays. The traditions many American families participate in each year revolve around agriculture.

There are nearly 35 million Christmas trees cut down in the United States each holiday season. These trees come from about 20,000 tree farms. Christmas trees play a major role in the spirit and traditions of Christmas.

The Christmas trees help us decorate and prepare for the holidays, but the meal is what brings families together. Turkey and ham are the two most popular meats served for holiday meals. Many farmers and ranchers breed, feed and prepare their livestock to be ready for holiday meals. According to some sources there are around 20 million turkeys consumed on Christmas and 318 million pounds of ham. Farmers work year round to make sure that they provide a holiday meal for American families.

This year when you are sitting around a table full of food and admiring your Christmas tree, don’t forget to thank the farmers that made your holiday traditions possible.