Luckey Farmers, Inc. and W&A Crop Solutions will be hosting an informational meeting on soil health. Frank Gibbs, Wetland and Soil Consulting Services, LLC., and Dr. Ron Heiniger, professor for the Department of Crop and Soils Sciences at, NCSU, will be here to discuss soil health. Additionally, Dean Crain, Douglas Plant Health Company, and John Fischer, BioLine, Corp., will be speaking about products and what they have learned about them.

Presenter Profiles:

Frank Gibbs works for Wetland and Soil Consulting Services, LLC. Gibbs graduated with honors from The Ohio State University with a major in agronomy and soil sciences. He was the founded Wetland and Soil Consulting Services, LLC (WSCS) after retiring from his former position of 36 years with the USDA. Gibbs has an extensive background in hydric soils, wetlands, water tables in the soil, soil compaction, soil health, cover crops, manure disposal, preferential flow, septic systems, and drainage problems. One of his best-known presentations is the “Smoke Test”

Dr. Ron Heiniger is a professor in the Department of Crop and Soils Sciences at NCSU. For the past 25 years has worked as the Research and Extension Center in Plymouth, NC. He has also worked with farmers across the United States and overseas to help improve crop productivity and economic returns. To learn more about Dr. Heiniger please visit

Dean Crain is the Vice President of Agronomy for Douglas Plant Health. He joined the staff of AgriEnergy Resources from Princeton, ILL. in 1995. He then became the General Manager at Princeton in 2001. Today the Princeton facility is part of the newly formed Douglas Plant Health company with facilities also in White Plains, New York and LaBelle, Florida.

John Fisher works for BioLine Corp., focusing on nutrient and water use efficiency, using fluvic acids with other products. Formerly he was an agronomy consultant in Ohio and Pennsylvania and from 2010 to 2019 he was a Stoller Research and Development Technology Representative.

To have the opportunity to listen to our presenters please join us for the soil health meeting.

When: Thursday, February 25, 2020

Where: Luckey Farmers’ Main Office

Address: 1200 West Main St. Woodville, Ohio 43469

Time: 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

RSVP: Your Salesperson by February 18, 2020, or use the form provided below.

Soil Health Meeting RSVP

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