cornWhile the USDA will release its most current numbers on Friday Aug 12, we have provided you with a recap of private estimates regarding crop size. As you may know, as we get closer to Harvest, the USDA  numbers will provide the market with valuable information as we move toward the fall. Weather during the next 30 days will be crucial to determining final yield counts in corn and overall soybean production.

USDA (July 12, 2016)

Corn Yield: 168 bpa Soybean Yield: 46.7 bpa

Corn Production: 14.540 bln bu Soybean Production: 3.880 bln bu

FC Stone

Corn Yield: 175 bpa Soybean Yield: 48.0 bpa

Corn Production: 15.146 bln bu Soybean Production: 4.054 bln bu


Corn Yield: 169.8 bpa Soybean Yield: 47.7 bpa

Corn Production: 14.694 bln bu Soybean Production: 3.958 bln bu

Linn Group

Corn Yield: 171.4 bpa Soybean Yield: 48.6 bpa

Corn Production: 14.775 bln bu Soybean Production: 4.073 bln bu