Nutrient Management

At W&A Crop Solutions, we take a systems approach to meeting your agronomic needs.  Strip-tillage is a “total system” involving tillage, seed bed preparation and optional fertilizer placement.  By incorporating variable rate fertilizer technology, we can help you maximize your investment and minimize environmental impacts.

Nutrient Management and issues with dissolved reactive phosphorus in the Great Lakes is an issue quickly gaining the attention of the media, government, and society in general.  The algal bloom in the Western Basin of Lake Erie is being blamed largely on production agriculture, and the use of commercial fertilizers and the rates, timing and methods of application.
At W&A Crop Solutions, we feel Strip-tillage with prescription fertilizer applied to meet cropping needs based on reliable soil tests of designated management zones is one part of the solution to these issues.

Soil Health

It all starts with the soil and good soil health is a key!  Once the prerequisites of proper drainage, pH, and fertility balance have been accomplished, we have the challenge of improving our soils’ ability to supply water and nutrients to grow each bushel more efficiently.