Dear Valued Customers:

I hope you, your families, and loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time.

I wanted to take a moment to address some customer questions on what services and products are currently being offered at each of our locations.

As you may already know, when COVID-19 surfaced back in March, we reduced our feed offerings to our Lemoyne location only. This was done in an effort to limit foot traffic and allow both employees and customers a safe distance to conduct business. Because our Lemoyne location has a drive-thru feed store, it has allowed our customers to stay in their vehicles as we load their orders and created fewer transactional touchpoints.

As the state re-opens and eases some of the restrictions, there have been some assumptions that business has resumed for feed and merchandise as it did before at each of our branch locations. After reviewing the mandated guidelines and restrictions, we realize it’s simply not feasible at this time to reopen every branch. Therefore, we are continuing to ask our customers to please call ahead for any feed or merchandise needs so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Agronomy products can be picked up at our Graytown, Bradner, Sugar Ridge, Berkey, and Lindsey locations like they always have but again, in order to make the appropriate arrangements, we are encouraging everyone to call ahead so we can make sure we have items staged in advance.

As we approach wheat harvest, all of our grain facilities will be open to accommodate wheat deliveries and will be staffed accordingly.

Branch Contact Information:

  • Main Office: 419-849-2711
  • Berkey: 419-829-2791
  • Bradner: 419-287-3275
  • Graytown: 419-862-3213
  • Lemoyne: 419-837-5457
  • Lindsey: 419-665-2322
  • Sugar Ridge: 419-353-4364

Please accept our apologies as we navigate through the uncertainties of this pandemic.  Everyone is making sacrifices and we realize how stressful this can be at times.  Please continue to help us in communicating your needs ahead of time.  We appreciate all that you do and let’s work together to help continue to keep everyone safe and healthy.


Andy Swerlein
President and CEO