Luckey Farmers’ Sugar Ridge branch recently hosted Congressman Bob Latta and Federal Communications Commissioner (FCC) Brendan Carr to discuss the importance of technology in agriculture.

Latta authored the “Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act,” which was signed into law with the recent Farm Bill. The act is intended to expand access to rural broadband so more farmers can use precision agriculture technology such as self-driving machinery, drones and satellite imagery.

Luckey Farmers has long recognized the importance of technology in agriculture and has worked with Internet Service Provider Amplex for many years. As a part of their working relationship, Amplex has installed towers installed on many Luckey Farmers grain elevators, which allows Luckey Farmers to streamline efficiencies and interconnect our facilities. We can get real time data regarding soil nutrients, field information for agronomy operations and grain storage information such as bin temperature.

These internet towers also allow Amplex to offer broadband internet access to many homes and businesses in rural locations that would otherwise be left in an “internet desert.”

In addition to visiting Luckey Farmers, Latta and Carr also visited the Wood County Justice Center and a farm in Napoleon.