As a part of our commitment to being a trusted agriculture community partner, Luckey Farmers recently held two grower meetings, which drew a combined attendance of over 150 local growers.

Each meeting was specialized and offered education and 2019 updates from experts in the field of barley, wheat, seed and agricultural genetics. Luckey Farmers team members also presented updates from the Co-op and provided information on the Luckey Farmers seed brand, Gro-Mor. All attendees had the chance to win a door prize, which was a four-wheeler donated by Rosen’s Inc.

Ed Thurn, Luckey Farmers’ seed manager congratulates Cody Haar, winner of a four-wheeler.


The following guest speakers played a vital role in making our meetings successful: 

  • Whitney Thompson (Origin Malts)
  • Keith Martus (Star of the West Milling)
  • Jason Hecht (Star of the West Milling)
  • Jeremy Crouch (Corteva)
  • Aaron McMillan (Rosen’s)
  • Skip Recker (Rosen’s)

We look forward our next grower meetings, which will take place in the Fall. As we gear up for spring planting, we wish you success and safety.