Spring has arrived the lawns need to be mowed, the marinas have opened up, and it is time for small engines that have sat all winter to start running again. Boats, lawnmowers, old tractors, and other small engines that are not used frequently can benefit from non-ethanol fuel. Our Lemoyne and Oak Harbor branches are both equipped with 24×7 fuel stations that carry non-ethanol fuel. Lemoyne offers 87 Octane Non-Ethanol and Oak Harbor offers 91 Octane Non-Ethanol. Both locations accept all major credit cards. Don’t forget to stop by and fuel your fun!

To see current fuel prices follow the link below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x2cP9CHpR2iz7VIHgN-EaJmlQJ_0YfsDNXagt94XEWQ/edit?usp=sharing

Location addresses:
Lemoyne: 3940 Fremont Pike Lemoyne, OH 43551
Oak Harbor: 640 N. Locust St.Oak Harbor, OH 43449