The summer of 2016 has proven to be extremely hot and dry. With record temperatures soaring and little rain, Lucky Farmers agronomists are keeping a close eye on crops along our footprint.

Corn – This is a critical time period for corn as it is approaching pollination. Corn at this stage likes temperatures around 80-85 degrees. The danger of long lasting high temperatures could sterilize pollination leading to lower bushel counts.  Rain and lower temperatures could go a long way to help with this year’s corn crop.

Beans – Beans are holding steady. Many farmers are applying fungicide and micro-nutrient treatment, as this proven effective in 2012 (year most similar to 2016) and led to an increase of 5 bushels in yield for many farmers.  Late August to early September rain could erase any stress beans felt in July.

The photo was taken on July 19 with the Luckey Farmers drone and is aerial view of a customer’s farm located in Lindsey, Ohio.

The Luckey Farmers team uses the drones to help customers make better decisions with their production. Providing an up close and in-depth look at their field in real time gives producers the entire picture of their crop progress that you just can’t get by simply walking the field.