Luckey Farmers is proud to offer our very own seed brand, Gro-Mor, which consists of proven corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa varieties. The Gro-Mor line has seed products for every farmer in the field with a wide range of maturities and traits. Contact your local Luckey Farmers representative today to learn more about the Gro-Mor brand.

Here’s the latest Gro-Mor news and updates:

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Latest Gro-Mor Posts:

Luckey Farmers Launches New YouTube Channel

Luckey Farmers offers a wide variety of farming services to our members and customers. To supplement our marketing and sales tools, we’ve added a Luckey Farmers YouTube Channel to help provide expert information regarding local current issues and concerns in...

Enroll in an Average Price Contract!

Luckey Farmers will again be offering our Average Price Contract (APC) for the upcoming 2016 Corn & Soybean harvest.  We believe this marketing tool adds good risk management to everyone’s marketing plan. Click here for more information....

Oak Harbor Grain Bin Set for Fall Debut

Workers are completing the last finishing touches on the new grain bin at our Oak Harbor Location. The crews broke ground in late spring and accelerated up once the wet weather began to subside. Once operational,  the new bin will be able to handle a half...

Andy’s Angle – Summer 2015

The 2015 planting and growing season has been challenging due to the wet weather patterns we’ve been experiencing across our footprint. Managing farming operations in order to cope with changes in weather is always a priority for our growers. We’ve all heard that the...

Seed Pick-Up Month

  Seed Pick-Up: Luckey Farmers would like to invite you to our seed pick-up month. You still have time to order great genetics and secure needed products for the upcoming spring season. Please contact your Agronomist or Luckey Farmers Branch nearest you to make...

Graytown Hub Open House

  Graytown Agronomy Hub Open House: Luckey Farmers would like to invite the public to an open house at our new Liquid Fertilizer Load Out and Warehouse Facility. Friday April 10th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Lunch Served 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Any Questions please...