Luckey Farmers is offering a Flex Floor Contract for those looking for another tool to help diversify risk. A Flex Floor Contract offers many benefits, including:

  • Eliminate DP charges
  • Full Upside Market Participation
  • Locks in floor price
  • Nearby cash flow
  • Protection from potential of falling futures values
  • Customizable with contract time frame and cost
  • Little to no cost

Below is an illustration on how the Flex Floor works:

Some important nuances in the program include:

  • Potential for double the bushels if New Crop corn is above the double up value on the expiration date
  • Bushels priced weekly, eliminates further decision making
  • Minimum quantity is 5,000 bushels 

To learn more about our Flex Floor Contract or to get a quote tailored to your marketing needs, please call Jim or Katie at 419-849-2711.