Paul Sandwisch has partnered with Luckey Farmers since 1965 and has been assisting the cooperative with test plot research for the past 15 years. Sandwisch farms 500 acres of corn, beans, and alfalfa around the Graytown area and highly enjoys working with Luckey Farmers. He also has a passion for raising beef cattle and currently has 90 head of Holsteins. Sandwisch relies on Luckey Farmers for seed and agronomy products, grain marketing services, and feed and supplies for his cattle. When it comes to seed selection, Sandwisch especially enjoys planting Gro-Mor’s “33R11” soybean in his fields.

“I have always enjoyed planting test plots for Luckey Farmers on my soil and find it interesting to watch all of the different hybrids and varieties grow,” Sandwisch said. “I like to see what works well and am always eager to try out new things as a farmer.” Paul’s wife, Connie, and their son Joel, also help out with the farming operation. This year, one of Luckey Farmers Fall Field Days for the public was held at the test plot at Sandwisch’s farm. “We enjoy the Field Days and were really impressed with the large turnout of people this year,” Sandwisch said. The Field Days encourage the public to come out and walk through the test plot with Luckey Farmers’ agronomists and seed salesmen, and view how different varieties and hybrids perform

One of the aspects that Sandwisch enjoys most about Luckey Farmers is the people. “I have always appreciated grain manager, Jim Swartz’s, insight and helpfulness,” Sandwisch said. “He always seems to have time for all of the farmers”. Sandwisch also spoke highly of the Luckey Farmers agronomy advising team from the Graytown branch.

Looking to the future of farming, Sandwisch is excited to see new technology continue to unfold for the agricultural industry. Farming has always been a part of his life and is a profession that he is rightfully proud of. “It is a good way to make a living,” Sandwisch said. Luckey Farmers is thankful to have customers like Paul Sandwisch that are dedicated to agriculture and willing to share their land and time for research and development. Paul, we thank you for all of your help and hard work over the years!