Hot weather can affect our crops in multiple ways. The main ones include:

  1. Reduced effectiveness of weed control
  2. Negative impact on pollination
  3. Increased activity from insect pests

What can we do about it?

MIke Molnar, CCA and Luckey Farmers’ Agronomy Sales Manager states “Plants under stress can have imbalances in nutrients, growth hormones and other biological processes can impact yield.” Molnar and the Luckey Farmers team suggests the following approach to help ease the effects of heat stress on plants.

Weeds have a tendency to form a thicker cuticle (waxy layer) on the leaves that helps the plant manage water but also makes it harder to get herbicides into the target weed. The solution here is to use the proper adjuvants and tank mix partners according to product labels. Consulting with company representatives to get the latest best practices helps to ensure the effectiveness of the herbicides.

If the dry conditions continue, we need to be scouting for insect pests that thrive under these conditions such as soybean aphids, spider mites and potato leafhopper. Luckey Farmers has several companies offering products they claim can help crops manage these stressful conditions. Some of our staff, including the W&A Crop Solutions team have experience with some of these products.

If you feel you need some help please contact your local Luckey Farmers agronomist to explore the opportunities that may exist for us to help protect your crops.