As the situation surrounding COVID‑19 continues to evolve, we want to assure you that we are here to support you. First and foremost, we will be here for all your needs and there will not be any breaks in service.  The safety of our customers and employees remains our number one priority. As such, we will be implementing the following operational changes effective Monday, March 23, 2020:

  • We are taking the protective measure to temporarily close our Curtice, Sugar Ridge and Oak Harbor Branches. Employees at those locations will be moved to other locations within the company during this temporary situation. 
  • All our branch offices will be closed to the public. If you need to come into a branch for any reason, we are asking that you CALL AHEAD to ensure that you are limiting customer exposure. 
  • All feed orders must be picked up at the Lemoyne branch only. We will have feed available and employees ready to assist you. We are asking you to call the branch before picking up your feed order, so that we can get it ready for you. 
  • The employees at our agronomy centers will be working to get ready for spring. We understand that you need seed, chemicals, etc. and we will be there to assist you. Please CALL AHEAD so that we can come up with a plan for delivery or pick up.
  • Employees who do not have the essential need to work in the office will be working from home. They will be there to assist you at all times via phone, email and text. There will be no face-to-face customer meetings unless it is absolutely necessary. 
  • All grain, chemical and fuel drivers along with our spray applicators will be working, as their positions are essential and there is limited public exposure.
  • Our 24-hour Bay will continue to have the following products available at all times:
    • 28% 
    • 10-34-0 
    • 8-0-0-9
    • 15-00-20 ATS 
    • 32% UAN 

Branch Numbers: 

  • Woodville Main Office – (419) 849-2711
  • Berkey – (419) 829-2791
  • Bradner –  (419) 287-3275
  • Curtice – Temporarily Closed
  • Graytown – (419) 862-3213
  • Lemoyne – (419) 837-5457
  • Lindsey – (419) 665-2322
  • Oak Harbor – Temporarily Closed
  • Sugar Ridge – Temporarily Closed

Below is a list of compiled FAQs to help answer any questions you may have.

Can I still pay my bill?
Yes. We are asking you to mail your bill to P.O. Box 217, Woodville, OH 43469

How will I get my grain check?
Customers who have their checks deposited electronically via ACH, will continue to do so with no interruption. All other checks will be mailed. You will not be able to pick your check up in person until the restrictions have been lifted. If you would like to set up an electronic account, please contact our Main Office at 419-849-2711.

Can I still contact the Grain Department for questions/transactions?
Yes. Jim or Katie will be working every day. You may contact them at:

Jim: (419) 849-2711 ext. 1112

Katie: (419) 849-2711 ext. 1116

Can I still get Fuel at your Fuel Stations?
Yes. We will continue to offer Fuel at our Fuel Stations. However, all must be paid with a credit card or Luckey Farmers fuel card.

How will I get my Seed Order?
Employees at our agronomy locations will have your seed order. We are asking you to call ahead to schedule an on the farm delivery or pick up. 

Graytown Agronomy: (419) 862-3213

Bradner Agronomy: (419) 287-3275

Will I still be able to get my fields scouted, sampled, sprayed?
Yes! There will be no disruption of service whatsoever. We are still actively servicing all our customers. Please contact your sales representative at any time for seed or agronomy service questions.

  • Bernie Blasius – (419) 575-1729
  • Brice Gahler – (419) 552-0769
  • Josh Kieffer –  (419) 341-8870
  • Bill Kuhlman – (419) 261-4511
  • Terry Hoover – (419) 343-4434
  • Mike Molnar – (419) 279-3732
  • Dan “Barney” Reif – (419) 680-0105
  • Ashley Schulz –  (419) 280-1866
  • Doug Uher – (419) 346-3804

I work with W&A Crop Solutions. Will they be there to assist me?

Yes! W&A Crop Solutions will still be servicing their clients’ agronomic needs. Do not visit their location without calling your consultant.

  • Les Widmer – (419) 341-1850
  • Tim Widmer – (419) 341-0727
  • Mike Netz – (419) 341-1855
  • Doug Mitchell – (419) 334-1619
  • Marty Hofbauer – (419) 575-3107
  • Keeley Overmyer – (419) 463-7356

Are you still hauling grain, chemicals, fuel, etc?
Yes. Our truck drivers are still on the road. Because there is limited social contact, we are still running our truck fleet as usual. 

I need feed. Who do I call?
All feed MUST be picked up at our Lemoyne branch only. You MUST call in advance at (419) 837-5457.

Can I still go to the 24-hour Bay at Bradner?

Yes. Our Bradner facility will continue to have the following products available at any time.

  • 28% 
  • 10-34-0 
  • 8-0-0-9
  • 15-00-20 ATS 
  • 32% UAN 

If you want to know if you qualify for an access code, please contact the Bradner facility at (419) 287-3275.