Armyworm outbreaks can be difficult to predict, but once they are here they can cause major destruction to our growing crops. There have been reports of Armyworm activity in our area. Armyworms are caterpillar pests that cause damage to grass pastures and grain crops. Armyworms are moths as adults that fly north in April and May after wintering in southern states. When the moths migrate north in the spring they lay their larvae in lush green fields often including wheat and cover crops. 

Once the larvae hatch it becomes a caterpillar that feeds on the green leaves of the wheat and cover crops. Once the cover crops are killed off and the wheat fields have been harvested these caterpillars move onto the next source of green vegetation which often includes grasses, road-side ditches, and corn and beans fields. The edges of our corn and bean fields are most susceptible to armyworm infestations. Hot sunny days will drive these pests into canopy making them even harder to spot. 

According to agronomist Ashley Shulz, “We are seeing armyworms mainly in our wheat fields and cover crops, mainly on the edges of the fields. To-date, there hasn’t been any major need for spraying. However, it’s something we want to bring to our customers’ attention, should the armyworms move into soybean and corn fields after wheat harvest.”

Luckey Farmers offers a variety of Gro-Mor corn and soybeans that have traits built-in, ready to help defend your crops against these predators. For more information about these varieties please contact your local Luckey Farmers’ agronomists. 

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