Each year we ask the question, how can we bring more value to you, our member-owner, and how can we improve our services to help you become more successful? It is the question our board of directors and management keep in mind when facing the decisions that affect your cooperative.

This past year, we revisited our company mission statement to determine if it aligned with our current philosophy of helping our members achieve success. Our past statement was more specific towards what the cooperative provided for our customers. Therefore, we decided to revise and update our mission statement to more accurately define our purpose as a cooperative. We focused this new statement on our three driving factors for success; our members, employees and community.

Our Members:
Luckey Farmers belongs to you – the members – and was formed in 1919 based on the same goal we have today: to help local farmers improve their businesses and achieve success within the agricultural industry. The great benefit of the cooperative structure is that your reward as an owner is directly dependent upon the amount of business you do with the cooperative. When the members succeed, Luckey Farmers succeeds.

Our Employees:
Our employees are a key driving force behind the success of the cooperative. Their personal growth is a priority for us. Having well trained employees that understand the importance of your business is imperative in helping the cooperative and its members succeed. Our employees are committed to the cooperative and are eager to serve as a knowledgeable support system to your farming operation.

Our Community:
Supporting our communities through various charities, local fairs, and hosting educational meetings is an important principle that Luckey Farmers has a long tradition of and continues to value. Our employees and customers live in the communities we conduct business in and Luckey Farmers is committed to standing as a strong pillar to support growth within these towns. The overall success of our communities enhances your cooperative’s success.

With these three driving factors in mind, our new mission statement reads as follows: “Luckey Farmers is dedicated to providing the highest quality farm products and services for the success of our members, employees, and community.” We understand that achieving greatness depends on helping our members, employees and our communities prosper. If we do those things correctly, then profitability, continuity, and growth will follow. These principles and values have always been a part of Luckey Farmers philosophy.

Our mission statement is just that….a mission statement.  It doesn’t mean anything unless actions follow the words. It is a good thing to remind ourselves of who we are and what our purpose is. It sounds simple in theory, but amazingly it gets lost in the shuffle of our busy lives.

As always, we value your input and would like to hear your opinions. This is your cooperative and we are here as your trusted partner to help you succeed. Thank you for your continued support.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!