The Toledo water crisis is a reminder to all of us in agriculture how fragile our ecosystem can be and how quickly a problem can drastically change the way we do business. That’s why Luckey Farmers is committing the resources needed in order to help our customers and members be a part of the solution.

Most in the agricultural industry would agree that farmers are not the only source contributing to the Lake Erie algae blooms. Most would also agree that farmers are not exempt from the situation. Universities and agricultural associations have been aware of the problem and realize there is a need for action.

As a result, several studies have been taking place to quantify the phosphate runoff and to determine what best management practices can help minimize nutrient losses.

Ohio was not the first state to experience this issue and several other states have adopted programs similar to the 4R program that was launched this past spring. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Certification Program is a voluntary program designed to help agricultural retailers and farmers adopt the best fertilization practices to mitigate nutrient losses and minimize phosphate runoff.

Luckey Farmers has adopted the practices under the 4R stewardship program as part of our commitment to the environment and our customers. This means for our members that Luckey Farmers is here to assist you with practices based on a certified nutrient plan customized for your farm.

The days of uniformly spreading fertilizer across the field are numbered. As a result of Senate Bill 150, the rules for spreading fertilizer will be changing. For example, farmers will be required to obtain a license to apply fertilizer similar to how they are required to spray chemicals.

Luckey Farmers has the technology and the knowledge to help guide you through this transitional period. By working together, we can bring solutions to your farm and help do our part in conserving the land and environment.

We appreciate your business and wish everyone a safe and happy harvest season!