Enroll your 2019 Bushels in our Average Price Contract

Luckey Farmers is offering our Average Price Contract (APC) for the upcoming 2019 Corn & Soybean harvest.

Luckey Farmers’ 2019 Grower Meeting – Agronomy Strategies

Luckey Farmers is hosting a grower meeting on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. Topics that will be covered include wheat quality, barley quality and seed updates.

Monsanto-Provided Dicamba Application Requirements Training – February 22

Luckey Farmers is pleased to offer Dicamba certification training on Friday, February 22 at our Woodville General Office.

Luckey Farmers 2019 Patron Scholarships

Luckey Farmers Inc. will award two $1,500 scholarships continual for up to four years or upon graduation to our Patron’s Stockholders’ dependents to work on their baccalaureate, associate or technical degree as a full time student. 

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