Luckey Farmers Hosts Post-Harvest Meeting on December 11

Luckey Farmers will host a Post-Harvest meeting on Monday, December 11, 2017. This is your opportunity to hear 2017 Harvest lessons learned and for agronomy and market updates moving into the 2018 season.

Access Your Important Information, Anytime, Anywhere!

Did you know that Luckey Farmers has an online portal that allows our customers to access information directly from our website?

2017 Test Plot Results

Luckey Farmers partners with local farmers across the cooperative’s reach to plant test plots each year. These plots help Luckey Farmers and the public better understand how different brands, hybrids and varieties of seed perform in different types of soil and to make the best decisions on what type of seed to plant on your farm.

Luckey Farmers Offers Flex Floor Contract

Luckey Farmers is offering a Flex Floor Contract for those looking for another tool to help diversify risk.

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