Luckey Farmers is proud to offer our very own seed brand, Gro-Mor, which consists of proven corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa varieties. The Gro-Mor line has seed products for every farmer in the field with a wide range of maturities and traits. Contact your local Luckey Farmers representative today to learn more about the Gro-Mor brand.

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It’s getting to be the end of May and you do not have your corn planted yet. What do you do? Well, the first thing not todo is panic!

Latest Gro-Mor Posts:

Bradner Agronomy Center Update

Construction is still underway for the new Bradner Agronomy Center, and here are a few photos to keep you up to date.

Ohio Crop Progress Report – July 25, 2017

  The national corn quality condition report came in at 62% good/excellent, down two points on the week. Ohio Corn conditions are up two points this week at 56% g/e.  The national soybean quality condition dropped four points this week at 57% g/e, whileOhio...

Ohio Crop Progress Report – July 17, 2017

The national corn condition rating was pegged at 64% good/excellent, down one point for the week. While Ohio Corn was up a point at 54% g/e. Corn silking is at 40% this week, compared to 47% for the national average. US soybeans were also down a point on...

2017 Wheat Hauling Premium

Luckey Farmers, Inc. is pleased to offer you a special wheat hauling premium on 2017 Wheat*. All loads hauled to the Perrysburg elevator during the wheat harvest season will earn a .15/bu premium.  The maximum moisture is 13.5%. We value your business and we wish you...

Ohio Crop Progress Report – June 26, 2017

National corn crop ratings were unchanged this week at 67% good/excellent, down from last year’s 75% g/e rating.  The national soybeans rating dropped one point this week at 66% g/e, compared to 73% last year.  Winter wheat condition was also unchanged at 49% g/e,...

Luckey Farmers CEO Andy Swerlein Takes Part in D.C. Legislative Fly-In

Luckey Farmers President and CEO, Andy Swerlein recently traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in a legislative fly-in.  Swerlein traveled as a part of a team from the Ohio AgriBusiness Association for the National Grain & Feed Association's 2017 D.C. Fly-In....