harvestmarketingThe Luckey Farmers grain department has issued a few important announcements regarding wheat deliveries and delayed price for corn and soybeans.

Delayed Price
Effective September 22, 2017, Corn and Soybean Delayed Price will be .06/bu/mo (calculated on a daily basis).

DP charges will be waived if priced within 5 calendar days.

Grain Bank
Effective September 2017, there will be  .05/Bushel Elevation and Grade Discounts billed on receipt and a .05/Bushel a month storage fee billed on month end balances. There will be a .15/Bushel load out charge (waived if used for feed using Gro-Mor supplements).

All rates are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions, please contact Jim or Katie.

Stay safe this harvest season.