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W&A has been a dealer for Stoller products for the last 30 years. The Stoller company started out as a micronutrient and fertilizer manufacturer. Jerry Stoller realized there was something more to increasing crop yields than just proper fertilization alone. It seemed that the stress that weather places on a plant can be more profound than adequate fertilization of a crop can overcome. Natural plant hormones and their roles and effects that seem to have as great of an effect on yields as soil fertility. This is the same thought process we have at W&A.  Stoller scientists recognize certain principles in crop production that are common to all plant species when exposed to biotic and abiotic stresses. It is not a simple matter of increasing the hormonal activity in a plant. It is a matter of understanding the hormonal rhythm of the plant and how to stop certain hormones from acting in certain periods of plant growth. It is a science that also concerns itself with reversing the movement of hormones and plant growth regulators within the crop at certain stages of growth. The amounts of variables that are connected with this science are tremendous. This is the reason why there are not more companies engaged in this new science that has oftentimes been described as “unleashing the power of plants”.

Based in Houston, Texas, Stoller is the world leader in development and sales of Plant Performance Products. Stoller representatives in more than 50 countries are active in the research, development and distribution of Stoller products.

Stoller was formed more than 35 years ago by Jerry Stoller, the company’s president and CEO. Jerry is recognized globally as a leading authority on plant nutrition. In addition to Plant Performance Products, the company carries a complete line of conventional fertilizers and micronutrients.

Stoller is dedicated to helping producers understand and naturally enhance the genetic potential of plants. Plant Performance is based on the use of plant hormones, supporting nutrients and other hormone co-factors designed to ensure optimum hormone balance and activity. The result is healthier, more productive plants better able to withstand stress and reach full genetic potential. Plant Performance Products can be used either as a planned preventative or an in-season treatment alongside a producer’s existing nutrition program.

For more information about the broad range of Stoller product offerings, contract one of our experienced agronomists at W&A Crop Solutions.

A Few of Our Top Selling Stoller Products

  • BIOFORGE:   An antioxidant that reduces stress ethylene and promotes plant health.  Watch video to see what farmers have to say about this great product. 

  • Stimulate Yield Enhancer, X-Cyte, N-Large, Flower Power, Fruit Power, Rezist, Root Feed, Root Power:  Products that contain natural plant hormones.
  • Nitro Plus:  Comes in two formulations 9-0-0-7Ca-1.5Mg or 18-0-0-4Ca-2Mg
  • Folizyme 13:  A complete foliar nutrient spray
  • Keylate Micronutrients:  For use with starter or foliar applications.
  • Micro Plus Micronutrients:  For use with row starter fertilizer combinations.
  • Golden Harvest Plus, Sett, Sugar Mover, Nitrate Balancer, Harvest More Ureamate, CoMo  :  Foliar applied specialty sprays.